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Part 0

   "Goodnight Ian."

   "Goodnight mom."

   I fall asleep, thinking nervously of what I am going to do tomorrow and start to dream.
   It starts with a white flash and of me talking to two people that I did not know. It seemed normal, but a feeling of anxiety crept in and started to take over. Suddenly I saw a blurred out version of me myself I seemed to separate and was tearing myself to pieces. Then I saw those two nice people trying to help the me ,which I now saw was good, in it's weakness, but it seemed like either side could win at any time. The me that I now saw was evil screamed, and I soon saw shadow beings helping the evil me.

   The struggle seemed to be stalemate for 5 minutes, but soon the good side seemed to win. the shadow creatures and the evil me disappeared.  The good me congratulated the nice people who helped him. Out of nowhere I saw the still-blurred evil me jump impossibly high into the air and drop on one of the people, which I noticed was a girl.

   "NOOOOOOO!!!" both me in the dream and me of the real world yelled in the painful realization that I could not get to her in time.

   Time seemed to slow down as I saw her point of view.

  "IIIAAAAANNNNN!!!" she screamed.

   I saw the evil one closing in, and the evil blurred out me came into focus for the first time. I looked up, shocked to see it was....a dragon! It now, with a mighty force, shoved a claw into the girl's face.


   Everything suddenly turned black.

   "AARGH!" I screamed, suddenly waking up and falling of my bed.
Transformations and struggles Part 0
So, this is me writing about the beginning of some dreams that I have had. Here is the beginning where I dream about having a nightmare. I hope whoever reads this enjoys:happy: !


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